Monday, September 26, 2011

Shooting Glamour Instructional DVD (700 MB)

Six months in the making, using professional lighting with some of Australia’s top models. Creative multi angle videography and magazine grade photography makes this a must have visual and informational feast.

Anyone can take a photograph... but what makes a really good award winning photograph? Jason Cole has photographed Australia's top models for many of the largest Australian glamour (non nude) magazines and now he brings his unique style and a wealth of information to this DVD series.

This DVD is aimed at anyone that wants to shoot professional quality images using studio lighting. Everything is explained for each scene in detail starting from the basics and building to the more advanced features.

DVD Contents:
* Four complete shoots. Studio, Mechanic Workshop and the Beach
* Lighting Setups (including light placement and camera settings)
* Apertures and camera settings explained in detail
* Photographing for Magazines (what to shoot and how)
* Getting Published - Approaching the Editors
* Posing the Models - Working with experienced and new models
* Equipment explained (high end equipment the professionals use)
* Scene setups explained. How we setup each scene and why?
* Many useful tips throughout the entire DVD direct from Jason Cole
* Outtakes - Not everything goes right all the time.




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