Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nokia HD Touch Games for s60 v5

Nokia HD Touch Games for N8,E7,C7,C6-01 Symbian 3 (OS 9.5) | 1.21 GB

List of Games:

1. [GL] Asphalt 5 HD v1.1.8 Symbian^3 Signed Retail - LateMan001
2. [GL] AssassinGGé¼Gäós Creed - Altairs Chronicles HD Symbian^3 UnSigned Retail.
3. [GL] GTRacing Motor Academy HD v1.01 Symbian^3 UnSigned Retail - LateMan001
4. [GL] Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD v1.0.2 Symbian^3 Signed Retail - LateMan001
5. [GL] Hero of Sparta HD v1.01(9) Symbian^3 UnSigned Retail - LateMan001
6. [GL] James Cameron Avatar HD v1.02 Symbian^3 UnSigned Retail - LateMan001
7. [GL] Real Football 2010 HD v1.03(3) Symbian^3 UnSigned Retail - LateMan001
8. [GL] Real Golf 2011 HD 1.01(7) Symbian^3 Signed Retail - LateMan001
9. [GL] Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD v1.0.6 Symbian^3 UnSigned Retail - LateMan001
10.[GL] Uno HD Symbian^3 Signed Retail - LateMan001

How to Install: 1. Install Signed Games directly.
2. Signed Unsigned Games & Then Install.
3. Use Signing Softwares to Sign a Game.
4. To Sign a Game you need Certificate & Keys.
5. For Certificate & keys:- Do not confuse. Key to the system registry, they are used to activate the game! Each folder of the game that requires activation, how to install or installation contains, in other words: how to enable write!

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